We perform transport of goods by road, national services in European and Slavic countries. Land or marine transport with total reliability to expand your business to where you want. With total security provided by an expert team in the sector.

We offer our expertise and knowledge for all kind of import and export procedures, we are your trusted transport Company. Our priority is that the cargo is in the right place and time to meet the quality standards. That’s why we get involved in each project as if it were our own and we advise and attend throughout the whole process for your tranquility.

Import and export

In Erfolg Spedition we offer the most flexible and effective solution to transport your product in and out of Spain and to the rest of Europe. Competitiveness and compliance of schedules with quality guarantee and preservation of the conditions of your products in every shipping.

Our expertise in the sector both national and international enables us to offer different transport solutions to your product and company needs.

• We work with expert partners.

• Full loads or groupage, maritime containers.

• We use TimoCom carrier bags.

Each of our trucks makes routes to any of 12 European destinations we work with. Punctuality, reliability and trust are guaranteed in each of the deliveries we make in Erfolg Spedition.

Land transport

Our expertise in the sector enables us to advice between different land transport options, both nationally and in other European countries in which we operate.

• Own fleet of 100 trucks

• 90 refrigerated trucks

• 10 own canvas for import and export

With the full kit of our fleet and the full dedication of our team, your cargo will be where and when you need in perfect conditions, even if you need it refrigerated. France, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic are some of the destinations where we carry your products guaranteeing its security at all times.


For marine transport we use containers for your product to be safe and located at all times. We make port to port national deliveries and offer all the necessary port services for this kind of transport.


To guarantee your product quality we count on 90 refrigerated trucks. With this equipped fleet we maintain in perfect conditions your product wherever is transported. Our trucks make import and export routes to 12 European destinations so you can transport your product to any part of Spain and these destinations without risk of losing quality and with complete security and confidence.

Do you need a budget?

Tell us about your project and we will offer you the different options that we own for your international deliver.